Iam Zapolskii, Peace Treaty of 1582

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Iam Zapol’skii, Peace Treaty of (1582)


a peace treaty concluded between Russia and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth on Jan. 15, 1582, in the village of Kiverova Gora, near Iam Zapol’skii (south of Pskov).

The Peace Treaty of Iam Zapol’skii, which provided peace for a period of ten years, was one of the diplomatic acts that concluded the Livonian War of 1558–83. The military failures of S. Báthory in his attack on Pskov forced the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth to enter negotiations in December 1581 (seePSKOV DEFENSE OF 1581–82). Russia was also unable to continue the war. The mediator in the negotiations was A. Possevino, an envoy from Pope Gregory XIII; Possevino held pro-Polish views.

Under the peace treaty, Russia relinquished its acquisitions in Livonia and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, and the commonwealth promised to return the Russian cities it had seized, including Velikie Luki and Kholm; the only Russian city that was not to be returned was Velizh. The text of the treaty made no mention of the Livonian cities captured by Sweden, since the Russian government intended to secure the return of Narva. The Polish ambassadors, however, made a special announcement emphasizing Polish-Lithuanian claims to the Swedish acquisitions in Livonia.

The Peace Treaty of lam Zapol’skii failed to resolve the conflicts between Russia and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the Baltic area.

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