Iaroslav Veshin

Veshin, Iaroslav


Born May 23, 1860, in Vrane, Bohemia; died May 9, 1915, in Sofia. Bulgarian painter.

Of Czech origin, Veshin studied at the Prague Academy of Arts (1876-80) and the Munich Academy of Arts (1880-82). In 1897 he went to Bulgaria, and during 1897-1903 he taught at the State Drawing School in Sofia. Veshin painted realistic works, mainly battle scenes (The Retreat of the Turks at Lüle-Burgas, 1913, National Art Gallery, Sofia; Baggage Train by the Erkene River, 1914, Museum of Bulgarian-Russian Military Friendship, Sofia). He also painted genre landscapes and scenes of everyday life (Return From the Bazaar, 1898, National Art Gallery, Sofia).


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