Iaroslavl, Battle of 1245

The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Iaroslavl’, Battle of (1245)


a battle that was fought on the San River near Iaroslavl’ (now Jaroslaw, Poland) between Prince Daniil Romanovich of Galicia and Prince Rostislav Mikhailovich of Chernigov.

Daniil Romanovich was allied with the Polovtsy, and Rostislav Mikhailovich was part of an alliance that included his father-in-law (the Hungarian king Béla IV), his brother-in-law (Boleslaw the Bashful, ruler of Malopolska), and some of the Galician bo-yars. In the summer of 1245, the Hungarian and Polish forces took the city of Peremyshl’ (now Przemysl, Poland) and laid seige to Iaroslavl’. Daniil left the city of Kholm (now Chetm, Poland), crossed the San, and advanced toward Iaroslavl’. A fierce battle took place on August 17 in which Daniil routed his enemies. The battle of Iaroslavl’ put an end to the protracted struggle within the Galician-Volynian Principality, whose international position was thereby strengthened.


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