Iasenov, Khristo

Iasenov, Khristo


(pen name of Khristo Pavlov Tudzharov). Born Dec. 24, 1889, in Etropole; died Apr. 1925. Bulgarian poet. Member of the Bulgarian Communist Party from 1919.

Iasenov studied at the Sofia Art School. His early poetry developed under the influence of symbolism. From 1919, after adopting a realist viewpoint, he wrote poems devoted to revolution and socialism. Together with K. Kiuliavkov he founded the journal Cherven smiakh (1919), in which he published satirical poems and articles criticizing the bourgeois order; he also contributed to G. Milev’s journal Plamuk.

After the September antifascist uprising of 1923, Iasenov was a member of the governing body of the Organization for Aid to the Victims of White Terror and the editor of its bulletins. He was murdered in the torture chambers of the Sofia police.


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