Iatsunskii, Viktor Kornelevich

Iatsunskii, Viktor Kornel’evich


Born Jan. 20 (Feb. 1), 1893, in Moscow; died there Oct. 13, 1966. Soviet historian. Doctor of historical sciences (1950); professor (1950).

Iatsunskii graduated from the faculty of history and philology at Moscow University in 1916 and from the division of economics at the Moscow Commercial Institute in 1915. He began teaching in 1921; the institutions at which he taught included the Sverdlov Communist University, the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute, and the Moscow State Institute of Historical Archives. In 1946 he became a senior research worker at the Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

Iatsunskii was one of the founders of Marxist historical geography and demography. His principal works dealt with the theoretical problems of the origin of capitalism in Russia.

Iatsunskii was awarded the Order of Lenin.


Sotsial’no-ekonomicheskaia istoriia Rossii XVIII–XIX vv.: Izbrannye trudy, Moscow, 1973. (Contains a list of scholarly works by Iatsunskii.)