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symbol for the element iridiumiridium
, metallic chemical element; symbol Ir; at. no. 77; at. wt. 192.217; m.p. about 2,410°C;; b.p. about 4,130°C;; sp. gr. 22.55 at 20°C;; valence +3 or +4.
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Abbrev. for infrared.




Abbr. for “inside radius.”






The country code for Iran.


(1) (Industry Remarketer) See VAR and VAD.

(2) See infrared, IR detector and IrDA.

(3) See information resources.
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Excavations and early research reveal that Iban pottery dates back to the Stone Age period and gives strong evidence about East Malaysia's history and its roots.
Conversely, in the case of disabled adults who are unable to manage their wealth, the bank IBAN of the court-appointed administrator must be included in the application, along with the relevant court order.
Ong, a promoter of the revival of Iban weaving traditions and himself a Sarawakian Chinese collector and dealer, mentions that precise interpretation of traditional design patterns today is extremely difficult because weavers who have a good knowledge of juluk are rare.
The IBAN concept was developed by the European Committee for Banking Standards (ECBS) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
According to the guidelines, the IBAN, an international standard (ISO 13616) for identifying bank accounts across borders and will be implemented in two phases.
Companies send lists with employees' salaries and IBAN numbers.
Except for credit cards, all payments in dirhams within the UAE must use IBAN, the Central Bank said.
As mandated by UAE Central Bank, all local dirham transfers will be credited to beneficiary solely on the basis on IBAN," Emirates NBD advised its customers through a circular.
One way of handling this at a domestic level, which some countries have already started to tackle, is to have a domestic IBAN/ BIC database where banks or bank customers can obtain the corresponding BIC to an IBAN they have been given," Wandhofer says.
5 million, pointing out that a work team comprising the Central Bank of Bahrain and a number of major retail banks in addition to the Bahrain Bankers Society in order to make the necessary arrangements for application of IBAN.
This move is in line with Central Bank of Bahrain's directives making the use of IBAN a mandatory requirement effective today, for all funds transfer between local banks in Bahrain and to countries where IBAN use has been made compulsory to date.
The Central Bank of the UAE has stipulated that IBAN will be introduced on 19 November 2011, as the single standard for identifying all bank accounts in the UAE.