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symbol for the element iridiumiridium
, metallic chemical element; symbol Ir; at. no. 77; at. wt. 192.217; m.p. about 2,410°C;; b.p. about 4,130°C;; sp. gr. 22.55 at 20°C;; valence +3 or +4.
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Abbrev. for infrared.




Abbr. for “inside radius.”






The country code for Iran.


(1) (Industry Remarketer) See VAR and VAD.

(2) See infrared, IR detector and IrDA.

(3) See information resources.
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In the sense in which Malinowski argued for the establishment of anthropological authority based on extended participant observation and objectivity in the conduct of scientific field research, Derek Freeman long exerted a command over the ways in which the Iban of Sarawak were interpreted and presented to academic audiences.
In dismissing experts in their respective fields of oral -, weaving -, and art history, Heppell effectively positions the Iban case in a vacuum of isolation, ruled solely by his own unsubstantiated suppositions.
Furthermore, the International Organization for Standardization published ISO/IEC 7064 to define algorithms for calculating check digit which is used in the IBAN.
Reading the biography is a quick journey through a reconstructed world traversed by Tra, a petite Iban woman who lived through Sarawak's progression to modernity, straddling the rule of the White Rajahs and the ethnic politics of a nation-state.
According to a statement by the Central Bank, the adoption of IBAN is a step in the right direction towards increasing the efficiency of electronic payments in the UAE, while further strengthening the country's status as a global financial centre.
Except for credit cards, all payments in dirhams within the UAE must use IBAN, the Central Bank said.
As mandated by UAE Central Bank, all local dirham transfers will be credited to beneficiary solely on the basis on IBAN," Emirates NBD advised its customers through a circular.
In some markets, for example, it is possible for a bank account holder to retain the same IBAN when moving to a different bank, so the BIC element of the IBAN may reference Bank A, even though the IBAN has been transferred to Bank B.
In answer to a query regarding the enforcement of IBAN system, he added that the application of this system in the region is comparatively new and explained that the Central Bank decided to wait and see the extent of success of GCC experiments then to apply the system, pointing out that the International Banking Account system comprises the country's code plus two digits for verification and identification of the bank in addition to the number of current account which reduces by 90% errors as it consists of verification mechanism which ensures accuracy of information besides automatic rejection in case of any erroneous entry meanwhile it relied in the past on lengthy arithmetical of up to 22 digits.
We are pleased to report that we now have the necessary infrastructure and processes in place for a full and smooth deployment of the new IBAN system," AUB Deputy chief executive operations and technology Shafqat Anwar said.
There has been a lot of talk in the media about banks and IBAN, but some people are still vague about an IBAN actually is.
IBAN is recognised in over 50 countries, but the system is not yet in place in many other areas like Indiaand the Philippines, two of the UAE's major remittance markets.