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see Ibn Gabirol, Solomon ben JudahIbn Gabirol, Solomon ben Judah
, c.1021–1058, Jewish poet and philosopher, known also as Avicebron, b. Malaga. His secular poetry deals partly with nature and love, but most of it reveals a gloom and bitterness engendered by his tragic life.
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Originally written in Judeo-Arabic by the Jewish poet-savant Solomon ibn Gabirol (b.
Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot," said poet Solomon Ibn Gabirol.
Spanish poet Solomon ibn Gabirol says, "Kings may be judges of the earth, but wise men are the judges of kings.
Salanter arranged for the reprinting and popularizing of three texts that he saw as especially important tools: Tikkun Middot ha Nefesh (The Improvement or The Moral Qualities) by Solomon Ibn Gabirol (eleventh century), (2) Mesillat Yesharim (Path of the Just) by Moshe Chaim Luzzatto (eighteenth century), (3) and Sefer Cheshbon ha Nefesh (Gate of Spiritual Accounting) by Rabbi Menahem Mendel Lefin of Satanow (nineteenth century).
There is also no significant increase in the number of pages devoted to early Islamic Philosophy, and still no contribution dealing with Jewish philosophy, even though Saadya (882-942) and Ibn Gabirol (1021-1058) are so close to the historical boundaries of the work.
Autre element a souligner est que l'Espagne musulmane etait toujours tolerante a l'egard des chretiens et des juifs, faisant des trois cultures un climat de mutuelle fertilisation dont sont sortis l'art mozarabe, la litterature medievale, la science andalouse, les cartographes de Majorque, la ferme de Valence et Murcie, Ibn Gabirol, Maimonide, Averroes, Ibn Al Arabi et autant d'autres precurseurs de la science et de la pensee occidentales.
En Cantos de amor y muerte, Selomoth Ibn Gabirol afronta la muerte y mediante la poetica del lamento busca una forma que alivie el dolor causado por la perdida, ausencia y falta del ser querido.
Some 15 activists from Zochrot ("Remembering"), an Israeli NGO dedicated to preserving the memory the Palestinian Nakba (catastrophe) among the Hebrew-speaking public, had gathered in the group's offices on Ibn Gabirol Street in central Tel Aviv.
For the 11th century Spanish poet and philosopher Solomon ibn Gabirol, "wisdom begins with silence, next comes listening, third is memorisation, fourth putting its lessons into practice, and fifth teaching it to others.
Her poetry is spun directly and powerfully out of that often-esoteric world, as well as out of the literary heritage of Jewish Spain: she speaks of a particular affinity for the poet Shelomo Ibn Gabirol, that tormented master and one of the four or five major poets of the Hebrew Golden Age.
Actually, Ibn Gabirol was the first to develop the unique Spanish style of liturgical poetry.
How can I possibly pray to God in 'words that you wrote for me, or that Jesus wrote for me, or that Solomon Ibn Gabirol wrote for me?