Ibn Nubata, Jamal Al-Din Abu Bakr Al-Kurashi Al-Misri

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Ibn Nubata, Jamal Al-Din Abu Bakr Al-Kurashi Al-Misri


Born April 1287; died October 1366 in Cairo. Arab poet.

Ibn Nubata was the court poet of the Egyptian sultan Nasir Nasr al-Din Hasan (ruled 1347–51 and 1354–61). The poet’s divan, containing panegyrics and lyric poems, has been preserved. In his book Immersion of Vision in the Explanation of the Treatise of ibn Zaidun, ibn Nubata described the life and work of the greatest poets of the pre-Islamic and early Islamic periods. His treatise devoted to epistolary style has also been preserved. Ibn Nubata’s interest in word play and formal poetic technique, in which he was considered unexcelled, diminished the artistic quality of his poetry.


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