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Ibn Rushd:

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, Arabic Ibn Rushd, 1126–98, Spanish-Arab philosopher. He was far more important and influential in Jewish and Christian thought than in Islam. He was a lawyer and physician of Córdoba and lived for some time in Morocco in favor with the caliphs.
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In his memoir, Joseph Anton , he recalls that his father adopted the surname ' Rushdie' "because he respected Ibn Rushd for being at the forefront of the rationalist argument against Islamic literalism in his time.
TAALBAYA, Lebanon: Once Lebanese students complete classes at the Ibn Rushd School in the central Bekaa village of Taalbaya, the school day begins yet again for more than 500 Syrian refugees who have had difficulties adjusting to the local curriculum.
The Ibn Rushd Award for Freedom of Thought will be presented to Razan at the Museum for Islamic Art in Germany on November 30.
SHARJAH, United Arab Emirates, April 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Aquatech, a global leader in water purification technology for industrial and infrastructure markets, has won an order for a demineralizing plant for IBN Rushd, a Saudi Arabia Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) affiliate petrochemical facility, in Yanbu, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Then, the Minister and the French Embassy's first advisor handed over the second batch of textbooks and educational materials to five intermediate schools wherein the French language curriculum is being taught this school year namely: 1- Ibn Rushd Boys School 2- Gudaibiya Boys School 3- Saffiya bint Abdul-Muttaleb Girls School 4- Khadija Al-Kubra Girls School and 5-East Riffa Girls School.
Siemens Energy has received an order for the supply of a new compressor train for expansion of the Ibn Rushd PTA (purified terephthalic acid) plant in Yanbu in Saudi Arabia.
The referendums are always the most falsified," warned political Maati Moujib of the Ibn Rushd Cener even before the results came out.
Most prominent among them were the Mu'tazalites, Ibn Sina, Faraby and the greatest champion of rationality and deductive reasoning, the Andalusian Ibn Rushd.
Ibn Rushd Drug Store has recently organized a medical lecture in coordination with the Jordanian Society of Dermatology and Venerolgy, and in collaboration with Ferrer Internacional Pharmaceutical Company Au Spain, at the Marriott Hotel Au Amman.
2 million tons per year from 560,000 tons and more than double its terephthalic acid capacity to 750,000 tons per year, of Ibn Rushd.
The Ibn Rushd complex, in Yanbu on the Red Sea coast, produces aromatics, purified terephthalic acid (PTA) which is used in making polyester, and polyester staples.
Unlike Tondgooyan and Ibn Rushd, Oman's Octal does not produce any of its feedstocks or even source them from within the sultanate.