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, Arabic Ibn Rushd, 1126–98, Spanish-Arab philosopher. He was far more important and influential in Jewish and Christian thought than in Islam. He was a lawyer and physician of Córdoba and lived for some time in Morocco in favor with the caliphs.
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In the presence of diplomats and academics, Ashrawi also participated in a seminar organized by the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, the Ibn Rushd Foundation and Al-Tawila on October 19.
The release also noted that substantial losses had been recuperated by the board, including the settlement of legacy contracts such as the Ibn Rushd claim, which is valued at $10.9m (SAR40m).
He referred to such contributions made by Ibn Rushd, Al Biruni and Socrates, especially the latter one who made sports a responsibility of the state.
At the core of this novel, Rushdie revives the spirits of the medieval thinkers al-Ghazali and Ibn Rushd to conduct an inquiry into the influence of faith and reason in the contemporary world.
The plot follows this 'war between worlds', fuelled by a fictional, centuries-long disagreement between genuine historical Muslim philosophers Ghazali and Ibn Rushd, the latter of whom purportedly sired a small army of half-human children with the disguised, benevolent and extremely fertile jinnia Dunia.
Holding these seemingly disjointed tales together, much like the Arabian Nights , is the magical sexual union of the Lightning Princess, the noble jinn Dunia, and the 12th century rationalist philosopher Ibn Rushd, whose descendants more than 800 years later successfully fight the forces of darkness for two years, eight months and 28 nights, which again sum up as a thousand and one nights.
But the line between the human and jinn worlds is crossed when the jinnia princess Dunia presents herself at the door of the disgraced 12th-century philosopher Ibn Rushd. Dunia has fallen in love with his mind and so bears his many children, descendants now part human and part jinn, all with the discerning trait of lobeless ears.
The petrochemical ventures in Yanbu include four Sabic affiliates - Yanbu, Yanpet, Yansab and Ibn Rushd (the Arab Industrial Fibres Company) - and a polypropylene plant operated by National Petrochemical Company (Natpet).
The author then lays out the critique of al-Ghazali offered by Muslim philosopher Ibn Rushd (d.
It is an impressive and eclectic list that includes Plato, Ibn Rushd, Maimonides, Aquinas, Spinoza, Pascal, Voltaire, Hume, Kierkegaard, Kurt Godel, Bertrand Russell, C.