Ibn Sina

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Ibn Sina:

see AvicennaAvicenna
, Arabic Ibn Sina, 980–1037, Islamic philosopher and physician, of Persian origin, b. near Bukhara. He was the most renowned philosopher of medieval Islam and the most influential name in medicine from 1100 to 1500.
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According to the research note released, Ibn Sina's fair value review was supported by a 4% increase in the company's earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) margin (compared to the previous forecast) during the period 2018/22, the valuation model using discounted cash flows has been extended for five years, a higher final weighted average cost of capital.
Abu Ali ibn Sinas heritage complex will be built in the village of Afshona at the expense of funds worth $51 million of the Alke group companies established under Medifemo Assistance foundation.
Pour atteindre ces objectifs, les parties se sont mises d'accord pour offrir un cadre reglementaire aux residents de l'Hopital psychiatrique Arrazi, relevant du CHU Ibn Sina, et se deplacer pour faire des consultations au sein du centre social Ain Atiq.
Ibn Sina is a joint venture between Sabic and CTE, a company jointly owned by subsidiaries of Celanese and US-based Duke Energy.
The new centre is located in the Ibn Sina Complex (building 27), and operates from 8am to 2.30pm, Sundays to Thursdays.
The Ibn Sina Complex is due to use Tecnimont's experiences in the field of utility offside engineering to develop its petrochemical plans with the capacity of producing 266,000 tons of different petrochemical products.
Also known as Avicenna, Ibn Sina is well-known for his contributions in the areas of astronomy, logic, medicine, music, philosophy, physics, poetry and psychology.
One person has been arrested following the theft at Ibn Sina Health Centre, he said.
What were Al Beruni and Ibn Sina quarrelling about?
In evening action, Ibn Sina took the last spot of the semis in the Inter-Company Bonafide B Division after its last game with Al Majduie was declared won by forfeit.
Amarullah Paghmani, district police chief, told Pajhwok Afghanistan News ( PAN ) that the girl is under treatment in the capital's Ibn Sina hospital.
Augustine and Ibn Sina on Souls in the Afterlife, GARETH MATTHEWS