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Ibn Sina:

see AvicennaAvicenna
, Arabic Ibn Sina, 980–1037, Islamic philosopher and physician, of Persian origin, b. near Bukhara. He was the most renowned philosopher of medieval Islam and the most influential name in medicine from 1100 to 1500.
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Ibn Sina rechaza las distintas formas de atomismo tal como estan expuestas por an-Nazzam, ash-Shahrastani y otros teologos y filosofos, y su corolario, la existencia del vacio, mediante argumentos metafisicos, logicos y experimentales (33).
With the encyclopedia now published, Ibn Sina says, "I hope clinicians can find the help they need within their hospital--or certainly within their caliphate.
El-Akhdar confirmed that the strong growth of MM Group for Industry and International Trade (MTI) shares is a strong boost for foreign investors to participate in the IPO of Ibn Sina Pharma.
The client : Ibn Sina Pharma is an Egyptian joint stock company established in 2000, and specialises in distribution of pharmaceutical products.
He pointed out that Ibn Sina used the concepts of community and positive psychology as well as the so-called family and behaviour treatments.
Ibn Sina employed press and the trio of Rosero, Mayano and Diata combined well and controlled the game in the 4th quarter.
190 m2, a mobilise une enveloppe de 58 millions de DH, dont 43 millions de DH comme contribution de la Fondation Lalla Salma-Prevention et traitement des cancers et 15 millions de DH comme apport du ministere de la Sante et du CHU Ibn Sina de Rabat.
This article argues for the importance of Ibn Sina (the Latin Avicenna, 980-1037) for understanding the gradual systematization of Aristotelian thought experiments and their methodology.
Abu Ali Al Hussain Ibn Abdullah Ibn Sina, better known in prominent Western sources by his Latinised name, Avicenna, was a leading Persian physician who became one of the most famous and influential of all Muslim philosopher-scientists.
Summary: Muscat: Asfandyar CT lifted the Styro Cup after registering a 19-run win against Ibn Sina .
Al KHOBAR: Five global engineering firms have bid to build a 50,000 tonnes-per-year polyacetal plant at Ibn Sina, an affiliate of Sabic, sources said.
Saudi Basic Industries Corp (Sabic) has invited bids for the construction of a 50,000 tonnes-per-year polyoxymethylene (POM) facility at its affiliate Ibn Sina in Jubail, eastern Saudi Arabia.