Ibragimov, Khabibulla

Ibragimov, Khabibulla Kalimullovich


Born Dec. 17 (29), 1894, in Orenburg; died Mar. 16, 1959, in Ufa. Soviet Bashkir playwright and composer. Honored Art Worker of the Bashkir ASSR (1951).

Ibragimov wrote many plays and musical compositions. His well-known musical comedies The Little Shoes (1921) and That Dear Son-in-law (1947) caustically ridicule the pre-revolutionary life and customs of mercenary Tatar bai (wealthy landowners and merchants). Several of his plays, including The Cold Spring and Shepherd Sharafi, are devoted to themes of Soviet life. Ibragimov’s works are characterized by simplicity of form and lively folk humor.


Ibragimov, Näbibulla. P’esalar. Ufa, 1960.