Ice Age

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Ice Age:

see Pleistocene epochPleistocene epoch
, 6th epoch of the Cenozoic era of geologic time (see Geologic Timescale, table). According to a classification that considered its deposits to have been formed by the biblical great flood, the epoch was originally called the Quaternary.
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Ice Age


a relatively long stage in the geological history of the earth during which, against the background of a general relative cooling of the climate, there was repeated alternation of very cold intervals of time (glacials), when extensive continental glaciation occurred, and intervals of time with a warmer climate (interglacials), when a significant part of the continental ice melted. Ice ages have been established in the Lower Proterozoic in North America; in the Upper Riphean in Africa and Australia; in the Wend in Europe, Asia, and North America; in the Ordovician of Africa; and at the end of the Carboniferous and the beginning of the Permian on the continent of Gondwana. The ice age of the Pleistocene has been studied most.

ice age

[′īs ‚āj]
A major interval of geologic time during which extensive ice sheets (continental glaciers) formed over many parts of the world.

Ice Age

[′īs ‚āj]
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Ancient arctic foxes also crossed sea ice during previous ice ages to reach Iceland well before human settlement in the 9th Century.
The ice age was at its most extreme and the climate at its most severe around 18,000 years ago, when vast ice sheets covered much of North America, northern Europe and Asia.
Professor Paar said it will still be possible for man to survive the ice age but energy costs will be huge.
The last major ice age peaked about 20,000 years ago, when extensive ice sheets covered large parts of what we now call North America, Europe and Asia.
What we didn't really know was when the (last) ice age actually ended.
Repetition sets in towards the end, but it's not enough to derail Ice Age 3 from being a thoroughly entertaining take on the movie.
Renowned and ever-versatile comic actor Simon Pegg, currently to be seen in cinemas as starship engineer Scotty in the re-booted Star Trek, takes on vocal duties for a hilarious new character in Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.
In the 1990s many prominent meteorologists and scientists believed that we are now living in an inter glacial age (global warming) and that the next Ice Age will follow.
Why were they then predicting a new ice age when the graph clearly indicates what is now regarded as an alarming rise in Earth temperatures?
Fox 167 +48% Ice Age 2 54 UIP 112 Mission: Impossible 3 28 GERMANY Fox 101 +54% Ice Age 2 61 BVI 66 Die Wilden Kerle 13 SPAIN Fox 72 +17% Ice Age 2 24 Sony 62 The Da Vinci Code 28 AUSTRALIA Fox 64 +32% Ice Age 2 18 UIP 48 Mission: Impossible 3 8 MEXICO Fox 75 +60% Ice Age 2 28 Sony 47 The Da Vinci Code 1 (B.
YOUNG Solihull archaeologists are being invited to experience what life was like in the Ice Age - but without the freezing temperatures.
The gusher is just one sign that the chilly environment that set the backdrop in the original Ice Age film is ending.