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[′īs ‚fȯl]
That portion of a glacier where a sudden steepening of descent causes a chaotic breaking up of the ice. Also known as ice cascade.



the section of a glacier that is broken by deep fissures into separate blocks of varying shape and size. Icefalls form on the site of steep declivities in the longitudinal profile of the glacier bed, where there is an increase in the rate of the ice’s movement, resulting in crevasses.

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While climbers have to pass the icefall twice on the way up and on the way down--Sherpas traverse it innumerable times as they set up the camps in preparation.
Straight ahead was the Khumbu Icefall and above that the heavily crevassed Western Cwm and steep Lhotse Face.
The members worked on the philosophy that the faster they moved, the less time they would spend exposed to some of the most dangerous elements in areas like the Khumbu Icefall.
5 -- The mountaineering community in Nepal and worldwide lost one of its senior most 'Icefall Doctor' - the hardy Sherpas who set and maintain the safest path through Khumbu Icefall, the treacherous stretch leading to Mount Everest and neighbouring Lhotse and Nuptse peaks.
Barney is an engaging character who has already appeared in Townsend's earlier novels Icefall and Firebomb.
But while the views of Everest itself are obscured by cloud we take our obligatory photos and marvel at the Khumbu icefall and the glacier carving its way like a giant motorway down the valley.
Accessible only by private jet from Cape Town, South Africa, the camp, perched on top of a 200-foot icefall, is the first of its kind.
This information would particularly relate to alpine hikers, mountain climbers, icefall climbers, rock climbers, and participants in related extreme sports.
It is mid-morning on 17 July 2003 and l am perched on a rock in Camp I (5,190 metres), facing the icefall of the Phunangma glacier in Ladakh, India.
As we climb to the top of a compression ridge, the clouds lift a little--enough so that we can see several miles up the convoluted, moraine-striped glacier to Stairway Icefall.
For the winter ascent of 1982, the Kato team set up base camp on a rocky moraine below the Khumbu Icefall in the first week of December.