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Choate is the principal investigator of the National Registry for Ichthyosis and Related Skin Types, which has been recruiting kindreds of ichthyosis patients within the United States and internationally.
Ichthyosis is derived from a Greek word, ichthys, which means fish.
Ichthyosis is a dermatological disease in which body of the patient has thick, scaly skin.
Usefulness of a global clinical ichthyosis vulgaris scoring system for predicting common FLG null mutations in an adult caucasian population.
In our case, ichthyosis may be due to malignancy or medication use.
Ichthyosis, which comes from the Greek word "ichthys," meaning fish, is a rare condition that results in roughened skin covered in thick, greasy scales.
Lyndsey has raised around PS1,000 for the Ichthyosis Support Group.
The third baby with harlequin ichthyosis (HI) of a family who lost their two babies because of HI previously, but did not receive genetic counselling was presented to emphasize the importance of prenatal diagnosis and genetic counselling.
The ability to obtain an unlimited number of genetically identical units can be used to study a range of conditions where the skin's barrier is defective due to mutations in genes involved in skin barrier formation, such as ichthyosis (dry, flaky skin) or atopic dermatitis.
Mason Crozier, 5, has X-linked ichthyosis which causes his skin to form scales and flake.
It was the one day a week she had relief from her case of lamellar ichthyosis, a genetic skin disorder with no cure.