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5) For Flavin, the icons did considerable personal and aesthetic work, memorializing his twin brother, David (who died from polio in 1962), and forging a technological vocabulary in which his childhood Catholicism could be acceptably expressed.
That spirituality draws heavily on monastic life because icon painters traditionally were monks.
Tarasov's theological history is not as sound as is his history of icons.
Users can print, save to disk, import/export icon images to ICO, BMP, JPEG, CUR, PNG, ANI, GIF, WMF and Adobe Photoshop PSD files.
Some engravings were topographical depictions of the monasteries; others told of their history, the legends, or the miraculous icons and relics they owned.
One begins to see the differences between icons representing traditions from specific areas, as well as the overlappings between them.
The icon opens a link to Hard Copy, where stories really are about legs.
com to enable their existing email software program to perform the security check and display the icons.
By modifying the behavior of the adapter attached to the Twinax cable, two iCON servers, attached to the same cable, can alternately control the same display session, - one actively serving it to VT5250 clients, and the other passively monitoring the other, watching the responses.
Users can instantly begin altering icons using the simple "Drag & Drop" interface.
SuperBuddy icons "express themselves" through more than 20 different animations and sound effects that are triggered by 75 of the most common chat phrases, abbreviated "text speak" and smileys that people use to send instant messages.