buffalo fish

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buffalo fish:

see suckersucker,
common name for members of the family Catostomidae, freshwater fish related to the minnows. Like minnows and the less closely related catfishes, the suckers possess an intricate set of bones forming a highly sensitive hearing apparatus. Suckers range in size from 6 in.
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Most of the 26 cases (58 percent) followed the consumption of cooked buffalo fish, Ictiobus cyprinellus, (n = 15) in California (n = 11), Missouri (n = 2), Texas (n = 2), and New York (n = 2) (Figure).
sucetta Intestine Valid macrorchis Christensen & Calentine, 1983 Proteocephalus Amphiuma Intestine Valid Alternans Riser, 1942 tridactylum Acanthocephala Neoechinorhynchus Ictiobus Intestine Valid strigosus Van, bubalus Cleave 1949
41 Catostomus plebeius Native -- -- Cycleptus elongatus Native (b) -- -- Ictiobus bubalus Native (b) -- -- Moxostoma congestum Native (b) -- -- Ameiurus melas E.
Neither of these species was recorded in either of Hay's papers, but taxonomy of the genera Carpiodes and Ictiobus was not clarified until Hubbs' (1930) study.
The other nine species collected were Erimyzon oblongus, Ictiobus bubalus, I.
commersoni, white sucker 2441 194 298 Cycleptus elongatus, blue sucker 85 14 29 Erimyzon oblongus, creek chubsucker 139 29 46 Hypentilium nigricans, northern hogsucker 990 370 242 Ictiobus bubalus, smallmouth buffalo 40 2 11 I.
They include only two astomatous fishes, reported herein for the first time; a smallmouth buffalo, Ictiobus bubalus and a common carp, Cyprinus carpio.