Idaho County

Idaho County, Idaho

320 W Main St Rm 5
Grangeville, ID 83530
Phone: (208) 983-2751
Fax: (208) 983-1458

At the southern base of the ID panhandle, east and south of Lewiston; original county; organized Feb 4, 1864 (prior to statehood). Originally established in 1861 as the third county of WA Territory, now in ID. Name Origin: For the steamer Idaho, launched Jun 9, 1860 on the Columbia River to serve miners in the gold rush.

Area (sq mi):: 8502.48 (land 8484.88; water 17.59) Population per square mile: 1.90
Population 2005: 15,697 State rank: 20 Population change: 2000-20005 1.20%; 1990-2000 12.50% Population 2000: 15,511 (White 93.40%; Black or African American 0.10%; Hispanic or Latino 1.60%; Asian 0.30%; Other 5.50%). Foreign born: 1.20%. Median age: 42.30
Income 2000: per capita $14,411; median household $29,515; Population below poverty level: 16.30% Personal per capita income (2000-2003): $18,972-$20,365
Unemployment (2004): 7.60% Unemployment change (from 2000): -1.90% Median travel time to work: 18.40 minutes Working outside county of residence: 15.90%
Cities with population over 10,000: None
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Clark, the smallest Idaho county, in fact became even smaller, going from 885 to 852, or a loss of 33 people, or 3.7%, for the biggest loss in percentage.
James ran, as a conservative Republican, for one of the three seats on the Idaho County Commission and won, I think, without breaking a sweat.
CHALLIS, Idaho, Rabi'I 12, 1436, Jan 3, 2015, SPA -- A 4.9 magnitude earthquake in a remote Idaho county triggered rock slides that blocked some road lanes Saturday but did not cause any major damage or injuries, AP reported.
The bullets were a result of "patriots from Idaho County" sitting around a campfire and drinking, the website explained.
For example, they compared employment in Wallowa County, with neighboring Idaho County, Idaho, to determine if the higher minimum wage in Oregon during almost all of the 1990-2006 period led to job losses.
HERMAN LUNDERS BUCK Idaho County, Idaho Total polnts 39 (16R, 23L) Greatest spread 35 5/8 Inside spread 29 1/8 Main beams 26 6/8, 27 6/8 Longest tine 13 5/8 Antler bases 5 1/8, 5 6/8 Abnormal points 94 4/8 Gross typical 185 6/8 Deductions -12 6/8 Net NT score 267 4/8 Finding this information in the nick of time to be included in the book was easily the most rewarding thing that happened during the process of piecing this important project together.
A slight addition--the fuels reduction/firewise project that I managed on Secesh Meadow in 2005 and 2006 was supported by a grant from the Idaho Department of Lands and Idaho County. We used private contractors or compensated the home and property owners if they elected to do the work themselves.
In a press release issued last night, Idaho County Sheriff Larry Dasenbrock indicated that weather and concern for the safety of the searchers and aircraft combing the rugged area since late last month has forced him to "with great reluctance" end the search for the North Brookfield resident.
Waite, County Recorder for Idaho County in 1980, suggested Bemis may have simply "squatted" on the property.
The final treaty created a Nez Perce reservation including "the present counties of Asotin in Washington, Wallowa in Oregon, and Lewis, Nez Perce, and the western half of Idaho County in Idaho," recalls Addison Howard.
lobatum collected from a redside shiner in Idaho County, Idaho, were primarily lobate (81%) with the others asymmetrical (Table 2).
Tables 5a and 5b show the results of several questions that were asked of Idaho county commissioners to help shed light on the rural-urban linkage to environmental policy.(11) The commissioners were asked to characterize the level of conflict over environmental/recreational issues in their counties.(12) The results show that while most county commissioners do not believe there to be a high level of conflict, rural commissioners (23.9%) are much more likely to view environmental conflict as high, compared to urban commissioners (6.3%).

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