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Given nonempty subsets U and V of a BCI-algebra S, if the neutrosophic quadruple (U, V)-set NQ(U, V) is a (regular) ideal of a neutrosophic quadruple BCI-algebra NQ(S), we say NQ(U, V) is a (regular) neutrosophic quadruple ideal of NQ(S).
If U and V are subalgebras of a BCI-algebra S, then is the neutrosophic quadruple (U, V)-set NQ(U, V) a neutrosophic quadruple ideal of NQ(S)
Headquartered in Kennewick, Ideal Option has helped more than 20,000 patients through a network of 56 office-based opioid treatment ("OBOT") clinics across 10 states.
Ideal Option's team of medical providers carry certifications in Addiction and Emergency Medicine, Internal, OB/GYN and Family Medicine, among other specialties.
Colour has played a fundamental role in Ideal Standard's history, with ceramics particularly in the 1960s and 1970s being chosen to complement surrounding materials.
Building an ideal wardrobe can be a very fulfilling fashion decision to make in the new year.
A wide selection of accessories for use with IDEAL Networks certifiers and testers is also available.
A nonempty fuzzy subset g of [Q.sub.t] is called a fuzzy ideal of [Q.sub.t], if the following conditions are satisfied:
In this context, the point of plastic surgery can be said to be the endeavor to redress a person's failure to acknowledge how she sees herself due to body image discrepancies that may lead to the development of thin ideal internalization (Nouri, Hill, and Orrell-Valente, 2011; Ura and Preston, 2015; Chaker, Chang, and Hakim-Larson, 2015) and increase the need to undergo a plastic surgery repeatedly (Sarwer, 2002; Posavac, and Posavac, 2002).
Hassan and Ideal Builders and Construction have been issued 14 public-safety-related violations over the last two years.
It is called a commutative ideal if it satisfies ([I.sub.1]) and ([I.sub.4]) x * (y * (y * x)) el whenever (x * y) * z [member of] I and z [member of] I; and it is called a positive implicative ideal if it satisfies ([I.sub.1]) and ([I.sub.5]) x * z [member of] l whenever (x * y) * z [member of] I and y * z [member of] I.
He said it was important for the youth to realise that there is still much hope for the world to get back on track if they are able to hold on to their ideals and values.