Ideal Crystal

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ideal crystal

[¦ī‚dēl ′krist·əl]

Ideal Crystal


(1) A crystal of perfect structure, with none of the structural defects inevitable in real crystals. The ideal crystal is a theoretical model widely used in solid-state theory.

(2) A crystal of perfect shape in which physically equivalent facets are identically developed. Crystals close to the ideal are grown in suspension in a well-mixed supercooled solution.

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Molecular Dynamic Study of Proto-Faults Generation as an Atomistic Mechanism of Incipient Plasticity during High-Speed Loading in Ideal Crystal
The hypothetical model of gripping for two ideal crystals of the same nature is illustrated in Fig.
Once he isolated the ideal crystals, Tarduno used a device called a superconducting quantum interface device, or SQUID magnetometer.