Ideal Fluid

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ideal fluid

[ī′dēl ′flü·əd]
(fluid mechanics)
A fluid which has ideal flow.
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The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Ideal Fluid


an imaginary fluid that lacks viscosity and thermal conductivity. There is no internal friction in an ideal fluid—that is, there are no tangential stresses between two neighboring layers. Such idealization is permissible in many cases of flow that are considered in hydroaeromechanics; it gives a good description of the real flow of liquids and gases at an adequate distance from the solid surfaces around which flow is occurring and from interfaces with an immobile medium. The mathematical description of the flow of an ideal fluid makes it possible to find theoretical solutions to a number of problems of the motion of liquids and gases in channels of various shapes, in the outflow of jets, and in flow around bodies.

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Theorem 2 Suppose (1) there exists an ideal fluid (2) the ideal fluid is irrotational and barotropic, (3) the density [rho] is homogeneous, that is [partial derivative][rho]/[partial derivative]x = [partial derivative][rho]/[partial derivative]y = [partial derivative][rho]/ [partial derivative]z = [partial derivative][rho]/[partial derivative]t = 0, (4) there are no external body forces exerted on the fluid, (5)the fluid is unbounded and the velocity of the fluid at the infinity is approaching to zero.
The researchers used computers to solve the equations of motion of an egg-shaped body navigating through a hypothetical ideal fluid that couldn't cling to the egg or force it to rotate.
It is an ideal fluid for thermometers and is still commonly used for the purpose today.
The Ideal fluid therapy when exercising in the heat includes:
The ideal fluid carefully balances viscosity, lubricity, compatibility, wear protection, rust inhibition, foaming resistance, and temperature-range characteristics.
Thus, in rectangular coordinates, equation (3) becomes as Boundary Condition of Aerofoil: For an ideal fluid flow, the boundary condition is Where is the outward drawn unit normal to the surface of the symmetric aerofoil.
For an ideal fluid, the shear stress would form a parabola, but under actual conditions, it is closer to "plug flow" where melt near the center moves at the same velocity, hence with no longitudinal shear stress.