Ideal Fluid

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ideal fluid

[ī′dēl ′flü·əd]
(fluid mechanics)
A fluid which has ideal flow.

Ideal Fluid


an imaginary fluid that lacks viscosity and thermal conductivity. There is no internal friction in an ideal fluid—that is, there are no tangential stresses between two neighboring layers. Such idealization is permissible in many cases of flow that are considered in hydroaeromechanics; it gives a good description of the real flow of liquids and gases at an adequate distance from the solid surfaces around which flow is occurring and from interfaces with an immobile medium. The mathematical description of the flow of an ideal fluid makes it possible to find theoretical solutions to a number of problems of the motion of liquids and gases in channels of various shapes, in the outflow of jets, and in flow around bodies.

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It is known that the equation of mass conservation of an ideal fluid becomes Laplace's equation [54-59],
Polymer melts are not ideal fluids, so in actual conditions, the transverse shear stress will not be constant through the thickness of the extrudate between the cylinder walls, but this is a good approximation.
His topics include kinematics of the deformed continuum, problems posed in continuum mechanics, the stationary continuum movement of an ideal fluid, potential flows for incompressible fluids, the movement of an ideal compressible gas, the flow of a viscous incompressible fluid for small Reynolds numbers, and the turbulent flow of fluid.
Research shows that to help exercisers drink enough, the ideal fluid replacement beverage is flavored so that it tastes good and contains electrolyes like sodium and potassium that also encourage us to drink more.
With the M700 constant pressure option, Microfluidics is approaching the ideal fluid processing conditions and achieving a nearly uniform pressure profile.