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an urban-type settlement in Segezha Raion, Karelian ASSR, on the White Sea-Baltic Canal. Railroad station 60 km south of Belomorsk. It grew up in 1933 in connection with the construction of the canal. The settlement has transportation enterprises.

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Idel reproduce el analisis de alguno de los angeles mas reconocidos por el misticismo en los textos magicos y en lo que se conocen como los tratados que compo nen la literatura de las Hejalot (10).
see Idel, Hasidism, 53-65: "On Prophecy and Early Hasidism."
The Kabbalah's emphasis on tikkun was translated into practical projects ranging from penal reform to chemical formulations (Coudert 166,168; see also Idel 263).
Hemda Idel. "With simple features and an intuitive platform, this is something anyone can use to donate to our cause.” Take a comprehensive look at what this groundbreaking project is all about.
One should flee from society as much as is possible to be completely silent, in a brilliant flame, alone, fearful and trembling" (Idel 132).
Wells - Lorraine Idel Wells, 75, of Pleasant Hill, died April 13.
However, Moshe Idel approaches the issue of theurgism more comprehensively, as the task of "fully activating] both the spiritual and the corporeal components of ...
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In his essay "Miracle," Allan Arkush quietly celebrates that "modern Jewish thought has circled around [Spinoza] to reconnect itself with the biblical miracles in new, nonliteralist ways" (624), while in "Mysticism," Moshe Idel laments that "modern man, having lost his living connection with the law--the Torah--has also lost his ability to re-create the connection" (655).
* Ms Kumiko Idel, Teacher of Minami Primary School, Tochigi Prefecture and a member of SSTA Research and Training Committee.