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Any disease of the kidney.
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a general term that includes several renal disorders. Classified as nephropathies are nephropathy of pregnancy and a group of other kidney diseases that are distinguished from each other by a variety of morphological changes. This latter group of diseases includes myelogenous nephropathy, endemic, or Balkan, nephropathy, medicinally induced nephropathy, kaliopenic nephropathy, and hypercalcemic nephropathy.


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My patient was a case of IgA nephropathy, RPRF course, extensive crescents with >50% global sclerosis.
Is IgA nephropathy the commonest primary glomerulopathy among young adults in the USA?
IgA nephropathy which usually presents as a primary glomerular disorder characterized by episodic hematuria shows deposition of IgA in the mesangium is also known to occur in association with celiac disease due to the presence of high levels of IgA antibodies against the food antigen, gliadin in these patients [5].
Our patient had acute kidney injury and newly identified, biopsy-proven IgA nephropathy as previously reported in patients with IgA nephropathy who developed acute kidney injury while being treated with dabigatran.
Similar to patients with idiopathic IgA nephropathy, recent studies on the glycosylation of serum IgA in patients with hepatic glomerulosclerosis identified abnormalities in the IgA hinge lesion (increase in galactosylation, decrease in sialylation), which indicates that abnormal glycosylation in the IgA hinge lesion may result in glomerular IgA deposition [3].
Urinary peptidomics is an emerging and promising field for clinical biomarker discovery in IgA nephropathy. Many previous studies have shown that the urinary peptide profiles of IgAN patients differ significantly both from those suffering from other chronic renal diseases and from other healthy controls [6-8].
Sharma, "Tear of the retinal pigment epithelium and serous retinal detachment in a case of IgA nephropathy after renal transplantation," JAMA Ophtalmology, vol.
A biopsy of the left kidney was performed at the 6th day of hospital stay and confirmed a diagnosis of IgA nephropathy (immunofluorescence was strongly positive for mesangial IgA deposition, complement component C3, and lambda light chains and moderately positive for IgM).
IgA nephropathy (IgAN) was the most common form of primary glomerulonephritis worldwide, and it is well accepted that the interaction between genetic, epigenetic, and environmental factors may synergistically contribute to the pathogenesis of IgAN [1-4].
Mar 16, 2015: Anthera Pharmaceuticals Announces Completion of Interim Analysis from Phase 3 Trial with Blisibimod for IgA Nephropathy 54