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(1) (Information Industry Association, Washington, DC) In 1999, IIA merged with SPA (Software Publishers Association) to become the Software & Information Industry Association. See SIIA.

(2) (Information Interchange Architecture) IBM formats for exchanging documents between different systems.
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a river in Irkutsk Oblast, RSFSR. Length, 486 km; basin area, 18, 100 sq km. Arising on the northern slopes of the Vostochnyi Saian, it is a mountain river in its upper reaches. Fartherdown, its valley widens and its flow becomes calmer. Eventuallyit flows into Oka Gulf of the Bratsk Reservoir, which extends for320 km. The river is fed chiefly by rain. The average annual rateof flow at the city of Tulun, 119 km from the mouth, is 149 cum per sec. The river freezes over in late October or early Novem-ber and thaws in late April or early May. Its chief tributariesinclude the Kirei, from the right, and the Ikei and Ilir, from theleft.

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The technique was illustrated in a 69-year-old man with asymptomatic aneurysms involving bilateral CIAs and left IIA. The plan was to insert a modified IBD into the right iliac artery with its branch toward the right patent IIA, deploy a covered stent to bridge the right IIA and side branch to keep pelvic flow, then embolize left IIA, place a bifurcated stent-graft on the bifurcation, and place an extension to connect main body and IBD [Figure 1].{Figure 1}
The pathogens responsible for IIAs include bacteria, fungi, and in rare cases, viruses.
In the 11th case with the concomitant common femoral artery aneurysm (CFAA), following distal aortic ligation at bifurcation, left IIA was antegrade reperfused via left CIA, as proximal left EIA was reimplanted to the aortobifemoral graft left limb (Figure 8(a)).
In addition, the PWT in the Tan IIA group was higher on the postoperative 7th and 14th days (P < 0.05 versus SNL group).
The IIA Award is a prestigious honour bestowed upon architects for 'Excellence in Architecture' in India, since 1989.
More than 1,000 Arkansans have joined IIA as grassroots members or signed the IIA petition calling for expanded mobile broadband access.
The symposium will include workshops, talks and presentations by invited international speakers, including officials of the IIA. The event is also an invaluable networking opportunity for internal audit practitioners in the region.- TradeArabia News Service
Both NADH-TR (Figure 1A) and mATPase (Figure 1B) staining showed the presence of myofibers similar to type IC (of intermediary color intensity, between I and IIA fibers), as well as IIA-X hybrid myofibers (color intensity between IIA and IIX).
The secretary said the Civil Aviation Division was planning to bifurcate segments of the IIA into airport services and regulations in order to streamline the workload.
IIA Oman is the only professional chapter for Internal Auditors in the Sultanate of Oman sponsored by the College of Banking and Finance.