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(1) (Information Industry Association, Washington, DC) In 1999, IIA merged with SPA (Software Publishers Association) to become the Software & Information Industry Association. See SIIA.

(2) (Information Interchange Architecture) IBM formats for exchanging documents between different systems.



a river in Irkutsk Oblast, RSFSR. Length, 486 km; basin area, 18, 100 sq km. Arising on the northern slopes of the Vostochnyi Saian, it is a mountain river in its upper reaches. Fartherdown, its valley widens and its flow becomes calmer. Eventuallyit flows into Oka Gulf of the Bratsk Reservoir, which extends for320 km. The river is fed chiefly by rain. The average annual rateof flow at the city of Tulun, 119 km from the mouth, is 149 cum per sec. The river freezes over in late October or early Novem-ber and thaws in late April or early May. Its chief tributariesinclude the Kirei, from the right, and the Ikei and Ilir, from theleft.

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SM-3 Block IIA is a cooperatively developed joint program with the MDA and Japan Ministry of Defense.
For a full text of IIA comments on the preliminary draft report of the Working Group on Intellectual Property Rights, please call Peggy Disney at 202-626-1154.
The Atlas IIA provides increased performance over the Atlas II with an uprated propulsion system in the Centaur upper stage.
The ability to take an exam as rigorous as the CIA in one's native language is a huge step forward in the globalisation of the certification programme and it demonstrates the growth of the IIA in these countries," said IIA vice president of global relations Sylvia Gonner.
More than 1,000 Arkansans have joined IIA as grassroots members or signed the IIA petition calling for expanded mobile broadband access.
The symposium will include workshops, talks and presentations by invited international speakers, including officials of the IIA.
The IIA Kiosk System will be installed in the main passenger terminal and Transportation Centre.
The IIA casts itself as a stalwart guardian of the public's right to know.
IIA pointed out, for example, thatLatham's letter not only contradicted previous statements he had made before Congress on the intended scope of new NSDD-145-based controls, but also ignored IIA's concern about controversial recommendations contained in a new, classified Air Force study.
The content includes key studies and facts about broadband, developments with IIA Members and Ambassadors from the Hispanic community and news related to the Internet industry, all available in Spanish at www.
An IIA can be opened by any individual who is a Russian tax resident.