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(both: īkâr`ēə), mountainous island, c.100 sq mi (260 sq km), SE Greece, one of the Southern SporadesSporades
, islands, E and SE Greece, in the Aegean Sea. They have been grouped variously at different times. The Northern Sporades are generally understood to include Skiáthos, Skópelos, Alónnisos, Skíros, and some smaller islands off the coast of
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, near Turkey. It has iron-ore deposits and sulfur springs. According to Greek mythology Icarus fell into the sea near the island.



(Icaria), an island in the Aegean Sea, in the southern Sporades. Ikaria is Greek. Area, 257 sq km. The surface is mountainous, with a maximum elevation of 1,033 m. There are thermal springs. Grape growing and horticulture are practiced on Ikaria. [10–349 -6]