Ilemi Triangle

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Ilemi Triangle,

triangular-shaped region, c.10,000 sq km (3,860 sq mi) in area, at the NW corner of Lake Turkana, E Africa. It borders South Sudan (W), Ethiopia (E) and Kenya (S). A disputed territory, it is claimed by both Kenya and South Sudan; Kenya has de facto control of the region. Sparsely settled, the Ilemi Triangle has areas of mountains, dry-season pasture lands, and swamps, and may have petroleum deposits. The inhabitants are the nomadic Turkana and other pastoral peoples. Disputes regarding the ownership of the Ilemi Triangle date to the colonial partition of Africa.
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How Kenya resolves the maritime border dispute with Somalia will implicate our resolution of the Ilemi Triangle and even Migingo Island.
Mburu (2003) discusses how the occupation of parts of the Ilemi Triangle in the colonial period by the British East African protectorate and its shifting policies of restricting access and attempting to control the ivory trade created tension between the Turkana, Dassanetch, Nyangatom and their other neighbours.
In 1970, Dassanetch, Turkana and Nyangatom were in such violent conflict in the Ilemi Triangle that the Kenyan police received orders to make the triangle a conflict-free zone by expelling all three (Tornay 1979: 103), an order that might have been given during the colonial era (Eulenberger 2015).
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Eastern Equatoria State in red (in pink the Ilemi Triangle which is disputed with Kenya)
ANSWER: The Elemi or Ilemi Triangle has a dubious distinction--most disputed territories have just two countries fighting over them, but this piece of land in eastern sub-Saharan Africa has gone one better, with three neighbours each laying claim to it.
Moreover, the Ilemi Triangle, named after the Anuak Chief Ilemi Akwon, borders Ethiopia and with a size of 10300 -14000 square kilometres (3985- 5405 square miles) disputed between Sudan before independence of South Sudan, and Kenya.