Ilia Danilovich Gurskii

Gurskii, Il’ia Danilovich


Born Apr. 14 (26), 1899. in the village of Zamost’e, in present-day Uzda Raion, Minsk Oblast. Soviet Byelorussian author. Member of the CPSU since 1919.

Gurskii wrote The Stokers (1929) and New Town (1931). plays about the working class. The tale The Forest Soldiers (1945) and the novel In the Fire (1952) are devoted to the partisan struggle. The novel Wind of the Century (1966) tells of the triumph of the Great October Revolution in Byelorussia. Gurskii was awarded four orders and also medals.


Vybranyia Ivory. Minsk, 1951.
In Russian translation:
V bol’shoi doroge. Moscow, 1960.
Veter veka. Minsk. 1968.


Pis’menniki Savetskai Belarusi: Karotki biiabibliaahrafichny daved-nik. Minsk, 1970.