Ilia Iakovlevich Gintsburg

Gintsburg, Il’ia Iakovlevich


Born May 15 (27), 1859, in Grodno; died Jan. 3, 1939, in Leningrad. Russian sculptor.

Gintsburg studied under M. M. Antol’skii (from 1871), and at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (1878-86). He created bronze genre statuettes outstanding in their spontaneity and careful detail (Boy Preparing to Swim, 1886, Russian Museum, Leningrad), and portrait statuettes of Russian cultural figures (V. V. Vereshchagin at Work, 1892, Tret’iakov Gallery). He sculpted the tombstone for the grave of V. V. Stasov (bronze, 1908, City Museum of Sculpture, Leningrad), and the monument to N. V. Gogol in the village of Bol’shie Sorochintsy, Poltava Oblast, Ukrainian SSR (bronze, 1910). In the Soviet period he worked on memorials—bronze memorials in Leningrad to G. V. Plekhanov (1925) and D. I. Mendeleev (unveiled in 1932).


Skul’ptor II’ia Gintsburg: Vospominaniia, stat’i, pis’ma. Introduction by A. Lebedev. Leningrad, 1964.