Ilija Garasanin

Garašanin, Ilija


Born Jan. 16, 1812, in the village of Garaši, Kragujevac nahija (district); died June 16, 1874, in Belgrade. Serbian statesman and political figure.

Garašanin took part in the struggle of the constitutionalists against the Obrenović dynasty. During the years 1843-52 and 1858-59 he was minister of internal affairs, and during 1852-53 and 1861-67 he was both prime minister and minister of foreign affairs. He drew up a foreign policy program (the Načertanije of 1844) providing for the liberation of the South Slavs from Turkish domination and their unification under the aegis of monarchical Serbia. In carrying out the Načertanije he concluded a number of treaties and agreements in 1866 and 1867 with Montenegro, Greece, and Rumania (the so-called Balkan League of 1866-68).


Pisma Ilije Garašanina Jovanu Marinoviću. Edited by S. Lovčević. Belgrade, 1931.
Prepiska Ilije Garašanina. Selected and prepared for publication by G. Jakšić. Belgrade, 1950.


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This has been fuelled since 1844, under a programme planned by the Serb politician Ilija Garasanin. It was a Serb nationalist plot organised by officials of the Belgrade government that arranged the murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo in 1914 and thus caused the First World War.