Ilina, Elena

Il’ina, Elena


(pseudonym of Liia Iakovlevna Preis). Born June 16 (29), 1901, in the city of Ostrogozhsk, in present-day Voronezh Oblast; died Nov. 2, 1964, in Moscow. Soviet Russian writer.

Il’ina graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Art History in 1926. Her work was first published in 1925. She wrote the novella The Fourth Height (1945) about Gulia Koroleva, a heroine of the Great Patriotic War. Her documentary novella, The Tireless Traveler, about the youthful years of K. Marx, was published in 1964. Il’ina also wrote the novella This Is My School (1955) and numerous poems for young children.


Sovetskie detskie pisateli: Biobibliograficheskii slovar’ (1917–1957). Moscow, 1961.