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decompression sickness

, illness
a disorder characterized by severe pain in muscles and joints, cramp, and difficulty in breathing, caused by a sudden and sustained decrease in air pressure, resulting in the deposition of nitrogen bubbles in the tissues


the state of feeling physically or emotionally unwell or sick, and, as such, different from having or suffering from a disease. The word ‘ill’ originally meant ‘evil’ or ‘morally harmful’. Although they are not completely different categories, sociologists distinguish between illness as a social category, and disease as a medical category The latter refers to clinical conditions and pathologies which are described, classified and published as a branch of medical expertise. Illness refers to the subjective experience of sickness, disease or bad health, and to socially and culturally generated and expressed concepts of physical, social and psychological abnormality. See also SICK ROLE, TRIVIAL CONSULTATION, SYMPTOM ICEBERG, SOCIOLOGY OF HEALTH AND ILLNESS.

What does it mean when you dream about illness?

Dreams of illness may suggest that the dreamer should pay attention to health matters especially to the areas of the body revealed in the dream. (See also Infection, Vaccination).


The state of being sick.
A sickness, disease, or disorder.


If you are ill in your dream, please pay attention to your health. At times our unconscious gives us warnings before we are consciously aware of any symptoms. Emotional health can also be included in such dreams, so take care of your relationships and express your feelings in positive ways. If someone you care about is ill in your dream, maybe you are concerned about losing the support and love of that person.
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Wewouldallwanttobetreatedfairlyandsupportivelyifwewereill and sotackling the stigma and discrimination of mental ill-health concerns us all.
Ill-health trends can be identified and changes suggested to address them.
When they took into account IQ, the link between social group and ill-health was markedly reduced.
West Midlands Police, under the leadership of Chief Constable Edward Crew, has been at the forefront of clamping down on widespread abuse of ill-health retirements.
In addition to accidents, 139,000 people in the region reported that they were made ill, or more ill, by their work and self-reported ill-health was 7,400 per 100,000.
Home Office Minister John Denham said yesterday that the money would help prevent officers becoming ill in the first place, while helping those that did fall ill to re-turn to work as soon as possible, stopping the injuries of today becoming the ill-health retirements of tomorrow.
Ian Tasker, of the STUC, said: "Employers use weaknesses in legislation to justify failure to introduce measures to combat work-related ill-health.
The restriction of ill-health retirement to those "incapable" of working to retirement age.
The North-East has a legacy of ill-health that helps to contribute to low levels of economic activity.
The money, to kick-start occupational health support in forces, has been allocated as provisional new figures show a drop in the number of ill-health retirements.
A Government source said: "Nobody is saying ill-health retirement should not be available in genuine cases.