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see bastardbastard,
person born out of wedlock whose legal status is illegitimacy. In civil law countries and in about half the states of the United States, the union of the parents in marriage after birth makes the child legitimate.
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bend sinister
supposed stigma of illegitimate birth. [Heraldry: Misc.]
Clinker, Humphry
servant of Bramble family turns out to be illegitimate son of Mr. Bramble. [Br. Lit.: Humphry Clinker, Payton, 324]
illegitimate son of Earl of Gloucester; conspires against father. [Br. Hist.: King Lear]
Jones, Tom
revealed to be Squire Allworthy’s sister Bridget’s illegitimate son. [Br. Lit.: Fielding Tom Jones]
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Perry claims that "the effort to draw peoples to British Columbia was an overtly racialised process pivoting on entrenched notions of "legitimate" and "illegimate" occupants and "desirable" and "undesirable" migrants" (p.
Unmarried mothers were typically accorded sole custody of their illegimate children.
The mystery of Creeley - is he Larry's illegimate half-brother?