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The illusoriness of consensus treaties has two distinct
Perception of the illusoriness lifts the ban on the superluminal motion: the velocity of the signals of the informational origin (in particular, the quantum teleportation) could be arbitrarily large.
Over against this, in my early, simple-minded analysis, I set the advantages of what I thought to be "dialectical" knowledge, a sense of the importance of history as well as the immediate "larger" picture, and an appreciation of ideological determinations, Ideological State Apparatuses, etc., as well as of the illusoriness and obscurantism of "consensus" in decision-making.
Also, illusoriness falls within none of the ten categories; it is not a way to be.
Newman seeks not only to demonstrate the illusoriness of "Popery," but also to convince his British judges that the issue of "dual loyalty" is not a true problem.
Given these considerable burdens, and in light of the illusoriness of the benefits, PEG feeding does not seem justifiable for those at this first decision point, at least as long as the more benign alternative of assisted oral feeding is still available.
In its foundational illusoriness, the play of the letter is to be related to the so-called scene at Dover where we look into an abyss that we cannot see.
Such desire and, indeed, the subject's every activity, including even "its metadiscursive functioning" Barrat argues, are confined by an illusoriness that is fixed to and "constrained by the determinacy of the sociocultural totality, the system of discourse that constitutes the possibilities of all thinking and speaking" (17).
linguisticality of our constructed world and the illusoriness of that
At times this hard-won stance seems to him just a habit of mind, perhaps absorbed from Hindu notions of the illusoriness of ordinary life (maya) and the fusion of opposites (nondualism, advaita; see his "Mystery as Mantra: Letter from Oris-sa," WLT 68:2 [Spring 1994], p.
The vanity of the unceasing voice--neurotic, amusing, revelatory, self-indicting--conflates with the artist's purpose, the eventual formulation, with practice, of perfect autobiographical moments In interviews, Gray realizes the illusoriness of such a goal, "the search for paradise and perfect moments and the mistaken idea of paradise as being a place outside of the mind" ("Spalding Gray" 34).
We sensed the illusoriness of these positions while honoring them.