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(Information Life Cycle Management) An umbrella term for a comprehensive storage management program within an enterprise. Also called "data life cycle management" (DLM), it takes into consideration the value of the information over time, how quickly and at what cost it must be made available for user queries and how long it must be retained before being deleted. An ILM implies that all data entered into the system have been assigned a type or category based on access rules, retention requirements and business practices. See storage management and SAN.



a river in the southern part of the German Democratic Republic, a left tributary of the Saale River (Elbe basin). Length, 121 km; its source is in the northeastern slopes of the Thüringen- wald. It flows mainly through hilly country. Maximum flow is in the spring, and the low-water period comes in summer. There are numerous mill and factory dams and a hydroelectric power station. The city of Weimar is on the Ilm.

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The ILM lawyers along with other lawyers had played their key role in independence of judiciary.
Ms Read added that an ILM Excellence Case Study - detailing specific benefits of Bapco's team projects - would be forthcoming and would complement Bapco's existing case study detailing the application of a "no-blame" culture within oil processing department, prepared by Hassan Bahram from Bapco's first ILM Group.
Having represented ILM at awards ceremonies [at the college], we have been struck by the college's commitment to self-development and progression.
The efficacy of ILM can be compared with the systems libraries have to put into place in order to manage the thousands of books that come in and out of their collections.
In addition to these key presentations, experts from Hitachi Data Systems, Archivas, CommVault, Applimation, CaminoSoft, Quantum, Revivio, Rainfinity and other ILM leaders will be on hand to discuss ILM trends and technologies, provide product information and deliver presentations for two program tracks.
ILM promises to enable businesses to reduce storage costs and meet legislative requirements by managing data throughout its lifecycle, storing data on the most appropriate device relative to its value, and enabling users to retrieve it quickly and efficiently when required.
Theme: Self-Awareness and Understanding of Team Members Increases Through the ILM and LCI Students claimed the LCI was useful in guiding students toward team roles that were consistent with their learning patterns and helped develop a tolerance for differences.
But both models take the institutional features of the Japanese labor market and the level of growth as given, leaving readers wondering how the ILM s came about to begin with.
Sommers, working with ILM effects supervisor John Berton, has created several new species for the sequel, including Anubis warriors (sort of 9-foot walking Dobermans) and an irate band of pygmy mummies.