Ilmen Mountains

Il’men’ Mountains


a group of mountain ranges in the Southern Urals, Cheliabinsk Oblast, RSFSR. Maximum elevation, 748 m (Mount Il’mentau). The mountains are composed of granites and gneisses with numerous pegmatitic veins of complex and varied mineralogical composition. Among the approximately 180 minerals are ilmenite, apatite, garnet, and topaz. Pine and birch forests are found on the mountainsides. In the valleys there are meadows and swamps. The V. I. Lenin Il’men’ Preserve is situated in the Il’men’ Mountains.

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We hope that the publisher will consider publishing similar monographs on the other famous pegmatite and greisen deposits of Russia and perhaps other ex-Soviet states including Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajhikistan, as well as the Ilmen Mountains pegmatites.
Vesuvius, Italy and similar deposits in Kamtchatka, and from the Ilmen Mountains of Russia and Kazakhstan.