Ilya Prigogine

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Prigogine, Ilya


Born Jan. 25, 1917, in Moscow. Belgian physicist and physical chemist. Member of the Royal Academy of Belgium (1953); academy’s president (1969).

Prigogine graduated from the Free University of Brussels and began teaching there in 1942. He was appointed professor in 1947. In 1962 he was made director of the International Institutes of Physics and Chemistry (Solvay, Belgium), and in 1967 of the Prigogine Center for Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics at the University of Texas.

Prigogine’s major work has been on the thermodynamics and statistical mechanics of nonequilibrium processes. He is responsible for one of the fundamental theorems in this field—the Prigogine theorem—and has been an initiator in the application of nonequilibrium processes to the study of biology. Prigogine is a member of many academies throughout the world.


In Russian translation:
Vvedenie v termodinamiku neobratimykh protsessov. Moscow, 1960.
Neravnovesnaia statisticheskaia mekhanika. Moscow, 1964.
Termodinamicheskaia teoriia struktury, ustoichivosti i fluktuatsii. Moscow, 1973. (With P. Glansdorff.)