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(Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) A category of technologies used to ensure that a human is making an online transaction rather than a computer. Developed at Carnegie Mellon University, random words or letters are displayed in a camouflaged and distorted fashion so that they can be deciphered by people, but not by software. Users are asked to type in the text they see to verify they are human.

CAPTCHAs were created in response to bots (software agents) that automatically fill in Web forms as if they were individual users. Bots are used to overload opinion polls, steal passwords (see dictionary attack) and, most popular, to register thousands of free email accounts to be used for sending spam. CAPTCHAs were designed to circumvent non-humans from performing such transactions.

The Battle of the Bots and CAPTCHAs
After CAPTCHAs were deployed in 2001, the felonious bots were updated to analyze the distorted text, enter the correct text and thereby render many CAPTCHA styles ineffective. In an ongoing battle between the bots and the CAPTCHAs, the CAPTCHA text is increasingly more distorted and camouflaged, often making it difficult for humans to decode.

Other approaches have been incorporated to validate humanness; for example, displaying several images and asking what object is common among them, such as a tree or dog. Or, a phrase might be displayed and the user is asked to re-type a word; for example, "Enter the second word in the phrase." See reCAPTCHA, dictionary attack and Turing test.

Type the Word You See
In this early CAPTCHA example from Carnegie Mellon, a random word is camouflaged, and users are asked to type what they see. (Image courtesy of Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science,

More Obtuse, More Random
CAPTCHAs are increasingly more distorted in order to fool the bots, and real words have given way to random letters and digits. However, just like virus writers, who learn to code their programs more effectively, so do the bot writers... a fun-loving, creative bunch.
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In 2010, the company built a comprehensive customer portal for its more than 3,000 customers, which provides them with tools for collaboration and image verification.
After dispensing a prescription the system prints and applies bar-coded labels, and delivers the uncapped vials to the pharmacist for final inspection and on-screen drug image verification.
The full-service solution includes online purchase and web plug-in, contactless card production, image verification, secure personalization and printing, as well as delivery to the cardholder.
The SP 200 also prints and applies the prescription and auxiliary labels, and delivers uncapped vials for final inspection and on-screen drug image verification.
Also new is ChildWindow and Pop-up support for Silverlight applications, as well as robust image verification functionality permitting verification via visual rendering rather than element properties and attributes.
In addition to the interchangeable heads mentioned above, the Techno Universal Knife System can be combined with the Techno Vision (digital image verification package) to provide Sign and Graphics customers a complete and easy-to-use digital finishing solution.
Electronic signatures, document capture and image verification work together seamlessly in a formerly paper-intensive environment.
CNC Router Systems is proud to introduce the new Techno Vision digital image verification system.
The redesigned user-friendly interface offers such features as image verification -- allowing the user to confirm the image is complete, improved NTFS support, broader hardware support, faster transfer times for both cloning and imaging, and software compatibility with the latest notebooks and PC systems.
Hart will also provide image verification services to ensure the accuracy of the redacted information selected by the software.

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