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image map

(World-Wide Web)
An image in an HTML document with "hot spots" which when clicked on in a suitable browser, act as anchors or links to other information. For example, an image of a map of the world might provide links to resources related to different countries. Clicking on a country would take the user to the relevant information.

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A single graphic image on a Web page that is divided into different areas, each of which provides a link to another Web page. Imagemaps are used for navigation bars at the top of Web pages as well as a way to divide any topic into subtopics. It is often used for geographic maps, enabling the user to click on a state to obtain demographics, store locations or other information pertaining to the area.

Server or Client Processing
Within each element, a rectangular area is predefined as the "hotspot." When the imagemap is clicked, the coordinates of the pointer, relative to these hotspots, may be sent to the server for processing, or HTML code within the Web page may process the click. See navigation bar.

An Image Map
Imagemaps are abundant on the Web, especially during elections. When a state was clicked on this electoral map from The New York Times online, the margin of victory in the last seven presidential elections was displayed.
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Ten chapters with afterword are: the problems we need to solve; tracking just about anything in the client; moving data between your web pages; wrestling same origin policy; using FIFIOs to extract data without an API; using sideways development to improve web interfaces; pulling data from multiple sources for a single interface; making a mobile-friendly image map; using server-side scripting to reshape troublesome data; a few last rules to follow; afterword.
'Thereafter, both parties agreed to visit the site for an on-the-spot investigation of the area were surveyors from both parties were able to identify the problematic areas on a satellite image map, leading to a common agreement on the necessity to remove the portions of the fence that has encroached into adjoining plots of land belonging to other Nigerians.
One interesting feature is the possibility of adding links and saving the word cloud as a Image Map. This means when you open the HTML file, linked words in the word cloud will be clickable and open to the linked websites.
An Artisan employee then used the image map to coordinate the location of each marble to its corresponding position on the panel, gluing each marble into place one at a time.
The Online Image Map Editor website then created an HTML code snippet that defined each area to be highlighted.
The FDA-cleared SoftVue presents a volumetric cross-sectional image map of the entire breast, providing a consistent and uniform exam without reliance on operator skill and technique.
By measuring and combining the quantitative values of sound speed and attenuation from signals that pass through tissues, a cross-sectional color image map is created using an established color spectrum, signifying the least to greatest relative tissue stiffness of the full volume of breast tissue.
"We have added many new features such as shared JavaScript actions, Dashboards, and image map highlighting very cool on charts and maps," Forerunner Founder Jason Carlson states, adding that, "Since 2005 the UI for SSRS Report Manager has remained static and only supports PCs running IE.
Using radar technology, the RD1000 Ground Penetrating Radar displays an image map of underground features.
Artists swiftly responded by using this massive image map as a site for appropriation as well as an inspiration for artistic forms and functions.
A differential image map is created from the digital terrain models that were generated from coincident points.

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