image stabilization

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image stabilization

A feature that attempts to maintain a smooth image when the user takes a picture or records a video without a tripod. Any shakiness in the user's hand can cause a blur in a photo or an uneven sequence of frames in a video. There are two stabilization methods, both of which generally use gyroscopes to detect motion.

Optical and Electronic Stabilization
Optical image stabilization (OIS) uses an accordion-style bellows that shifts the light between two lenses based on the motion of the camera. The image is stabilized before it reaches the CCD or CMOS sensor.

Another OIS technique is the mechanical shift method, which moves the sensor rather than the lens. This allows stabilization to be achieved using ordinary lenses.

Electronic image stabilization (EIS), also called "digital image stabilization," examines the difference between video frames and smooths the transition between them via processing. See viewfinder.
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Panasonic's line up of camcorders are all full HD and 4K with dynamic high zoom features and image stabilizer.
Combined with an image stabilizer with Hybrid IS, the lens is designed to counteract unwanted shake and blur to enhance macro shots.
For shooting movies on the go 5-axis digital image stabilizer irons out camera movements when shooting hand-held movies.
wide-angle lens that will take selfie group shots, and the XA1 Ultra has a 16megapixel front camera with Optical Image Stabilizer and a smart selfie flash designed to naturally illuminate faces.
9 lens aperture allows the camera to let in plenty of light and, if you're shooting stills or video in low light, the image stabilizer is a handy aid.
When you are shooting on the go, the eight mode Intelligent Image Stabilizer adapts to virtually any scenario, ensuring subjects stay detailed and crisp.
Oppo's SmartSensor image stabilization technology relies on a micro-electro-mechanical system, which the company claims to be the smallest optical image stabilizer of any kind in the world.
The 13 mega pixel rear camera features a four-color RGBW imaging sensor, optical image stabilizer, dual color-temp LED flash lights, and independent image signal processor camera units, which combine to capture higher quality pictures.
High-speed image signal processing by dedicated /hardware engine - Support optical image stabilizing function, movie image stabilizer, real-time HDR, JPEG encoding, and RGB-IR as well as various automatic control functions - Simultaneous capturing of still images and movie images by triple scalers, including super-resolution processing - Package: WLCSP and BGA
7-megapixel camera which incorporates Sony's proprietary G Lens and the intelligent BIONZ image-processing engine, Exmor RS sensor, LED flash, HDR (picture/video), image stabilizer and a notable improvement over its predecessor is that is can record 4K Ultra HD video recording (that's twice the vertical and horizontal resolution of 1080p full HD format).
The PowerShot S200 has an optical Image Stabilizer to deliver crisp and clear shots and includes Intelligent IS technology to automatically apply the most suitable form of stabilisation for a range of scenes and settings.
The Optical Image Stabilizer function prevents camera shake while the Zoom Framing Assist function helps users track subjects and keep them in frame.