Imhoff tank

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Imhoff tank:

see septic tankseptic tank,
underground sedimentation tank in which sewage is retained for a short period while it is decomposed and purified by bacterial action. The organic matter in the sewage settles to the bottom of the tank, a film forms excluding atmospheric oxygen, and anaerobic
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Imhoff Tank


a structure or tank in which sewage is settled and clarified and the sediment is digested by anaerobic bacteria (seeANAEROBES). Settling takes place in the upper compartment, or story, of the tank, and digestion of the sludge, in the lower compartment. In the Soviet Union, such tanks are called twostory settling reservoirs. Imhoff tanks are often referred to as Emscher tanks, since they were first built in 1906 in the Emscher River region (the Emscher is a tributary of the Rhine in Germany).

Imhoff tank

[′im‚hȯf ‚taŋk]
(civil engineering)
A sewage treatment tank in which digestion and settlement take place in separate compartments, one below the other.