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(organic chemistry)
C3H4N2 One of a group of organic heterocyclic compounds containing a five-membered diunsaturated ring with two nonadjacent nitrogen atoms as part of the ring; the particular compound imidazole is a member of the group.



(glyoxaline, 1,3-diazole) a heterocyclic base. Colorless crystals; boiling point, 256°C. Imidazole is readily soluble i n water and alcohol and moderately soluble in ether. It is aromatic, that is, readily undergoes halogenation, nitration, and sulfonation. The hydrogen of the NH group can be replaced by alkyl by the action of, for example, dimethylsulfate. Imidazole is prepared by reacting glyoxalwith ammonia and formaldehyde. Its derivatives (histamin, histidine, carnosine, pilocarpine) are widely distributed in the animal and plant worlds and have important biological significance. [10–416-6 ]

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Of these compounds, Schiff base ligands with sulfonamide and imidazole moieties containing multidentate atoms coordinated to metal ions are among the most promising [14, 15].
0 (a H) representing the imidazole proton signals, which is in good agreement with the previous reports [24].
Rodriguez C, Hardy E (2015) Lipopolysaccharide aggregates in native agarose gels detected by reversible negative staining with imidazole and zinc salts.
O que regula a atividade de tamponamento do dipeptideo ([beta]-alanil-L-histidina) sao os atomos do azoto do anel imidazole, isto porque os valores de pKa da carnosina e anserina sao perto de 7,0 que tem uma maior capacidade de protoes sequestrante (Sale, Saunders e Harris, 2010), confirmando assim a capacidade de tamponamento do musculo esqueletico e cardiaco pela carnosina, uma vez que a acidose muscular pode contribuir para o aparecimento de fadiga entre o exercicio de alta intensidade (Hobson e colaboradores, 2012).
The 24 papers in this collection explore the chemistry, function, and laboratory analysis of imidazole dipeptides as nutritional components.
An example of the elution profile with a solution containing 250 mmol l-1 imidazole (for details, see Materials and Methods) is shown in Figure 2B.
1] show C=C stretching and C=N stretching-vibration bands (characteristic band of imidazole groups).
p-p interaction between aromatic ring and copper-coordinated His81 imidazole regulates the blue copper active-site structure.
Degradation of histamine through H-NMT or DAO/MAO will produce 3-methylimidazol acetaldehyde and imidazole acetaldehyde.
Ketoconazole, a synthetic imidazole agent with fungistatic action, inhibits cytocrome P450, increasing bio-availability of cyclosporine, thus reducing the dose of cyclosporine by approximately 70-85% from 10 mg/kg BID (Mathews and Sukhiani, 1997; Mathews et al.
One of the more promising alternatives is imidazole and its derivatives.
Imidazole an alkaloid from plant secondary metabolites, is an important component of antifungal, anti protozoal, anti helminthic and anti cancer medications.