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What does it mean when you dream about immobility?

A dream that one is immobile can symbolize an inner inflexibility, especially with regard to resolving one’s problems. It can also mean that the dreamer feels trapped. People afflicted with sleep paralysis sometimes dream they are immobile or unable to run, but such dreams do not necessarily have deeper psychological meanings.

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References in classic literature ?
Haldin, with her immobility of feature and kindly expression of the eyes, uttered from her armchair in her uncertain French, " Mais l'ami reviendra.
She was sitting up in bed, and her immobility, her silence, were very alarming.
Haldin's terrible immobility, inhabited by that fixed idea.
I was surprised to see our hostess shake her head negatively the least bit, for indeed by her pose, by the thoughtful immobility of her face she seemed to be a thousand miles away from us all, lost in an infinite reverie.
For sometime already Mr Verloc's immobility by the side of the arm- chair resembled a state of collapsed coma - a sort of passive insensibility interrupted by slight convulsive starts, such as may be observed in the domestic dog having a nightmare on the hearthrug.
But what riveted the girl's attention even more than the fabulous treasure of decorations were the files of gorgeously harnessed warriors who sat their thoats in grim silence and immobility on either side of the central aisle, rank after rank of them to the farther walls, and as the party passed between them she could not note so much as the flicker of an eyelid, or the twitching of a thoat's ear.
She was tall, dark, severe, with something Indian-like in the rigid immobility of her face.
The memories which made this resource utterly hopeless were a new current that shook Dorothea out of her pallid immobility.
Wingrave sat with all the outward immobility of a Sphinx.
The immobility of her face was indeed a marvellous thing.
and duration of immobility, swimming and climbing were recorded via digital video camera.
It also reduced significantly the immobility time of the mice in force swimming and tail suspension tests.