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a state of SE Nigeria, formed in 1976 from part of East-Central State. Capital: Owerri. Pop.: 2 779 028 (1995 est.). Area: 5530 sq. km (2135 sq. miles)
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"In my humble opinion." Variations are IMO for "in my opinion" and IMNERHO for "in my never ever remotely humble opinion." See digispeak.
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The decision was taken at a meeting of the IMO working group reviewing MARPOL Annex VI (regulation on prevention of air pollution from ships).
This is the first study which showed that IMO could support ovine embryo development when cultured with two highly efficient ruminant embryo culture media (SOFaaciBSA and SOFaaBSA) as basal medium (Figure 1).
The kingdom pioneered the idea of the Bahrain Maritime Festival in 2010, a week-long activity-filled event based on the IMO theme for the year.
TDR Capital entered into exclusive negotiations to buy IMO following the end of an auction process, Bloomberg cited a source as saying.
The forum will not only cater to expats from Imo and other Nigerian expats in Dubai, but will help all Nigerians based across the Gulf and in Asian countries.
Additionally, the IMO selects a country from among member states to host a parallel event for additional celebrations.
Additionally, the course highlights the significance of internal and external auditors taking responsibility for assessing the effectiveness of implementing IMO instruments in their respective countries.
The meeting also discusses a report on the performance of the International Convention on the Protection of Marine Environment Against Dumping's Pollution, the IMO strategy during the forthcoming years and the voluntary auditing of marine managements.
Countries have the choice of whether to sign up or not to the 50 or so safety conventions that the IMO, which has its headquarters in London, has adopted over the years.
The Marine Environment section, accessible through the menu at the top of the IMO homepage, provides an overview of how the IMO works to regulate and prevent marine pollution by ships, with links to in-depth information on the applicable international treaties.
Finnish ship power supplier Wartsila Corporation said on Tuesday (1 November) that its Swedish subsidiary Ciserv AB of Gothenburg had signed a cooperation agreement with the Swedish pump manufacturer IMO AB to serve the users of IMO pumps.