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The populist leaders have given themselves an imperative mandate to save the people from the evil elites, operating on a clear friend-enemy distinction that Carl Schmitt has identified to be the basis of politics: the good, common people are the friends, whereas the elites are the enemies that promote evil.
In an era of rapid change, complex challenges and competition, the need to understand and develop 'adaptive' organisational cultures has become an imperative mandate towards enabling transformational change resulting in sustainable performance and competitive advantage.
This measure was connected to the imperative mandate under which the functionary was a representative of those that put him or her in office.
=Recalling that the imperative mandate of the Drzavni Zbor (Parliament) =remains the rule in his country, Mr Peterle emphasised the importance in =the context of the Convention and subsequently the IGC of clearly =identifying areas where consultation with national parliaments is =required in the context of decision-making and co-decision.
The secretariat of Ata Meken party said the decision was made at the plenary session of the party on March 17 to expel Jeenbekov and Abdrakhmanov from Ata Meken party "over disagreement with the main course of the party, ineffective work within the party and criticism of the leadership of the party." The parliamentarians won't lose their seats in Parliament in accordance with the provision on imperative mandate.
In addition, the amendments and additions exclude the basis for early termination of powers of MP previously associated with an imperative mandate. Wording amendments are also proposed with the purpose to harmonize the norms of the law in general.
The draft law removes the provision on termination of powers of MPs connected with the imperative mandate.
"Under the Constitution a parliamentarian is not bound by imperative mandate, then why a parliamentarian should be bound by the stance of the political party leader?" she interrogated.
Since a parliamentarian is not bound with imperative mandate, he or she can make a choice," he said.