Imperial Valley

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Imperial Valley,

fertile region in the Colorado Desert, SE Calif., extending S into NW Mexico. Once part of the Gulf of California, most of the region is below sea level; its lowest point is −232 ft (−71 m) at the southern shore of the Salton SeaSalton Sea
, saline lake, 370 sq mi (958 sq km), northern part of the Imperial Valley, SE Calif.; 232 ft (71 m) below sea level. The area was anciently the northern part of the Gulf of California, but during the Pleistocene the Colorado River delta grew across the gulf, severing
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. Receiving only c.3 in. (7.6 cm) of rain annually, the valley experiences extremely high temperatures (115°F;/46°C;) and has a great daily temperature range. Having one of the longest growing seasons in the United States (more than 300 days), the valley can, with irrigation, support two crops a year; it was first irrigated in 1901. Several disastrous floods on the Colorado River in 1905–6 inundated the area, creating the Salton Sea; not until 1936, with the completion of Hoover Dam, was the valley safe from floods. Approximately 1 million acres (404,700 hectares) have been irrigated, chiefly by the All-American Canal. The valley is an important source of winter fruits and vegetables for the northern areas of the United States; cotton, dates, grains, and dairy products are also important. Brawley, Calexico, and El Centro, Calif., are the main U.S. cities in the valley; Mexicali, Mexico, also in the valley, is the center of Mexico's important cotton-growing district.

Imperial Valley


(Lower California Valley), lowlands in the United States and Mexico occupying an intermontane tectonic depression that is a continuation of the basin of the Gulf of California. The valley is filled by a thick layer of alluvial sediments from the Colorado River, which flows through the southern part of the valley. In the past the valley was often flooded by the waters of the Colorado, resulting in the formation of salt lakes—the Salton Sea (81 m below sea level) in the north and Laguna Salada in the west. The climate is dry and subtropical; the valley receives about 100 mm of precipitation annually. The vegetation is of the “woody” desert type and includes creosote bushes, large cacti, and arborescent yuccas. Some of the land between the Colorado River and the Salton Sea is irrigated; the principal crop is cotton.

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An affiliate of Tenaska is the owner of Tenaska Imperial West, which is one of two utility-scale solar projects Tenaska has developed in the Imperial Valley.
In the Imperial Valley Solar 1 project we work with the world's most advanced technology and use hardware components of the highest quality and reliability," said Robert Hinchman, Regional Director of Trimark Associates.
Known as the nation's 'winter salad bowl,' the Imperial Valley produces fresh fruits and vegetables on more than 100,000 acres.
Country: USASector: Agriculture/ForestryTarget: Imperial Valley Seeds Inc (IV Seeds)Buyer: S&W Seed CompanyVendor: Fred FabreDeal size in USD: 6mType: Corporate acquisitionFinancing: Cash & Stock, DebtStatus: Closed
1 October 2012 - US seed producer S&W Seed Co (NASDAQ:SANW) said today it had bought Imperial Valley Seeds Inc (IV Seeds), so far operating as the international marketing arm of California-based Imperial Valley Milling (IV Milling), for about USD6m (EUR4.
The start of construction of the Sunrise Powerlink has triggered a wave of proposed new utility-scale solar and wind projects in the Imperial Valley region," said James Avery, SDG&E's senior vice president of power supply.
The Imperial Valley Press serves Imperial County in southeastern California, with a circulation of 14,500 Monday through Saturday and 15,000 on Sunday.
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Besides making up the river delta, such sediments line the valley of the lower Colorado River and also lie several thousand feet thick in California's Imperial Valley.
Imperial Valley College is gearing up to address changes in student population and staff over the next few years, expecting numbers of incoming students to level off and most of the employees to retire.

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