Roman Empire

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Roman Empire:

see RomeRome,
Ital. Roma, city (1991 pop. 2,775,250), capital of Italy and see of the pope, whose residence, Vatican City, is a sovereign state within the city of Rome. Rome is also the capital of Latium, a region of central Italy, and of Rome prov.
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; Byzantine EmpireByzantine Empire,
successor state to the Roman Empire (see under Rome), also called Eastern Empire and East Roman Empire. It was named after Byzantium, which Emperor Constantine I rebuilt (A.D. 330) as Constantinople and made the capital of the entire Roman Empire.
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; Holy Roman EmpireHoly Roman Empire,
designation for the political entity that originated at the coronation as emperor (962) of the German king Otto I and endured until the renunciation (1806) of the imperial title by Francis II.
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Imperium Romanum is the latest entry, and is a follow-up to "Glory of the Roman Empire" which is supposed to have sold over one million copies throughout Europe, which is certainly not to be sniffed at.
(46.) Conring maintained the same point of view throughout the text by speaking consistently about Germany (Germania) on the one hand and the Roman empire (imperium Romanum) on the other, but never simply of a "German empire." He returned to the usage "German empire" about ten years later in the De finibus imperii Germanici (1654), again in De pace perpetua inter imperii Germanici ordines religione dissidentes servanda (1657), and above all the Exercitationes academicae de republica imperii Germanici (1674).
Als das Imperium Romanum dem Tod ver-fallen, da proklamiert Rienzo als Schuler Dantes unter dem Jubel Petracas die Reformation und Regeneration der Stadt Rom und damit ein neues Imperium Romanum.