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From the Latin imprecari, meaning to "invoke by prayer," an imprecation is a plea to a deity and, most often, a recited spell meant to curse. The term is seldom, if ever, used today, but it was used in many witch trials during the persecutions.


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Shrieks, imprecations, human life, dead bodies - all were engulfed in one terrific crash.
Growling the foulest imprecations, he crawled along the sand till he got hold of the porch and could hoist himself again upon his crutch.
Every blow was accompanied with terrible imprecations.
As to his voice, prayers, sobs, and imprecations had changed it so that at times it was of a singularly penetrating sweetness, and at others rough and almost hoarse.
Many of the men were making low-toned noises with their mouths, and these subdued cheers, snarls, imprecations, prayers, made a wild, bar- baric song that went as an undercurrent of sound, strange and chantlike with the resounding chords of the war march.
(17) The text that remains is an elaborate imprecation against Sausga-muwa.
Churchill's imprecation to his crapulous son, Randolph, not to interrupt when Churchill himself is interrupting is one of the many gems in this book.
She complains that the kids at school hate her, and she has referred to her classmates as "rats," an imprecation she picked up from watching cartoons.
I wondered if it might be 'imprecation' but that turned out to be a long way wide of the mark.) According to Mr Kipling, (nowadays possibly better known for his cakes) it is most important, if you want 'to be a man' (though not really in a transgender sort of way) to treat those 'two imposters' (Triumph and Disaster) both the same.
I feel sorry for the second category with disgust and imprecation. I don't want to believe that it is a law of nature that the number of those who are in the first category rises alongside an increase in the number of those who are in the second category and vice versa.
The Donkey, Symbol of the Inauspicious in Indian Tradition To understand the rationale behind this blatant imprecation and imagery, we need to consider the association of the donkey in the Indian tradition with infertility, folly, destruction and inauspicious events.
"Where a child is born to a woman who is married to a man more than six qamariah months from the date of the marriage or within four qamariah years after dissolution of the marriage either by the death of the man or by divorce, the woman not having remarried, the nasab or paternity of the child is established in the man, but the man may, by way of li'an or imprecation, disavow or disclaim the child before the court."