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saturation of fixed animal tissues with certain metal salts or oxides (for example, silver nitrate, cobalt nitrate, chlorites of gold and cadmium, and osmic acid anhydride). One of the methods of revealing histological structures.

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The process of adding chemical preservatives, resin, or fire retardants to wood under pressure. Also see Bethell process.
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Thymol was loaded into prepared XGs and ScGs using batch scC[O.sub.2] impregnation in the high pressure view cell (Eurotechnica GmbH, Germany) described in detail elsewhere [34].
With the precise dosing of dyestuff-alkali mixed, the application of precise and homogeneous pick-up and the linear nip of the deflection-controlled rollers, the GOLLER DYEPADDER ECONOMICA Nip-in-Trough with Double Impregnation Mechanism is an ideal open-width dyeing range for knitted fabrics dyeing in small to medium batches.
Impregnation method: CuCl is added into the ammonia solution to produce saturated CuCl solution.
Water Repellent Surface Impregnation. After 28 days of moist curing, the specimens were further stored at RH of 60% for 7 days for drying.
Impregnated mass of carvacrol (mcarv) was determined gravimetrically by measuring the polymer mass at the beginning of the process and after the impregnation. Impregnation yield (I) of carvacrol was calculated according to the equation
In a first step, Co[Fe.sub.2][O.sub.4] NPs were synthesized by the O/W micro-emulsion method as described; then the required amount of N[H.sub.4]OH solution for the subsequent titanium oxide precipitation (determined in impregnation approach) was added directly to the cobalt ferrite microemulsion; its temperature was adjusted to 41[degrees]C.
Impregnation was done with an aqueous dispersion of alumina ([Al.sub.2][O.sub.3], Almatis GmbH) using Dolapix CE64 (Zschimmer & Schwarz) as dispersant.
Immediately the forced impregnation process is complete, the samples are taken out of the resin and the curing chambers are set up.
Magna-Tech's vacuum impregnation services provide a complementary service business that leverages Henkel's strong presence in the passenger vehicle market.
Optimized impregnation ratio and time of application were further investigated for optimum rate of application under field conditions to enhance nodulation, growth and yield of lentil in comparison with recommended mineral phosphatic fertilizer.
The latest of these saw him co-ordinate the installation of a PS3m impregnation line upgrade with the support of Egger Group technical experts.