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1. a producer or sponsor of public entertainments, esp musical or theatrical ones
2. the director or manager of an opera, ballet, or other performing company



in bourgeois countries, an owner or organizer of shows and concerts, or an agent concluding contracts and performing other services for a prominent artist on tour. In the 16th through 18th centuries in Italy, theater directors and also organizers and proprietors of private companies were called impresarios.

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Actor, agent and impressario Sandy could have been celebrating his 25th anniversary as the Hippodrome's panto company manager this Christmas.
For Mark the former Peter pre turned estab actor, then production backed by theatre impressario Bill Kenwright, the show is a cleverly worked take on Herriott's vivid stories of working as a vet in an area that is far from a rural idyll.
He was the impressario responsible for weekly concerts at the old Co-op Hall, featuring groups like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones before they went on to achieve worldwide fame.
During her time on the reality TV show Lucie caught the eye of theatre impressario Sir Cameron McIntosh and landed one of the lead roles in his West End show, Les Miserables where she has been performing ever since.
In the melee that followed, a very drinkable Chateauneuf du Pape was thrown - drenching ageing nightclub impressario Johnny Gold and prompting hoots of laughter from other guests who included Sir Michael Caine.
Guests so far have included singer Dafydd Iwan and Big Brother runner-up Glyn Wise, impressario Stifyn Parri, singers Bryn Terfel and Rhys Meirion, plus presenter Nia Parry, while still to come are Mari Lovgreen, Daloni Metcalfe and Llion Williams.
Liverpool born showbiz impressario Bill Kenwright, who made his money promoting big West End shows.
His Bobby Child has a good voice and he turns believably into the impressario Bela Zangler, with the result that when the two of them meet in the mirror image scene there are plenty of chuckles to be enjoyed.
He made his name and started his career, like many more future greats, at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre in Station Street, owned by the late great theatre impressario Sir Barry Jackson.
The membership is a melange of celebrities such as Lord Lloyd Webber, pop impressario Simon Cowell and comedian/film director Mel Smith, plus many others.
He became a Redcoat at a Butlins holiday camp and was spotted by the great London Palladium impressario Val Parnell, who gave him his television debut at 22 on Comedy Bandbox.
When Liverpool-based impressario, Oswald Stoll, took over the adjacent Tyne Theatre and renamed it The Stoll Picture House in 1919, it was known as the Stoll Theatre Buffet.