Improved land

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Improved land

Building sites which have water and sewage connections available and access to streets and telephone, gas, and other electrical services.

improved land

Land which has been provided with water, sewers, sidewalks, and other basic facilities for residential or industrial development.
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That this radical land redistribution, emphasizing improved land tenure security, along with greater access to land for women occurred in the context of Western sanctions makes it more impressive.
Meanwhile, their improved land bank assets enable them to guarantee loans from the banks, which in turn are receiving cheap loans from the taxpayer.
In particular, it must provide adequate and predictable financing to support improved land management, more efficient water use and sustainable agriculture.
We want ownership of the entire land with industry getting the land on lease," Rajesh Bhati, who has been spearheading a battle for improved land rights in the northern state of Haryana, told India's Business Standard.
Its objective is to address land degradation and focuses on climate change adaptation, improved community management of grazing land, improved land use planning and integrated sustainable land management.
China Golf", or the "Company", or "we"), a leading developer of premium golf courses, golf communities and improved land properties in China and the first of its kind publicly registered and reporting in the United States, announced that on March 27, 2011, Company signed a Letter of Intent with Wonderful Ace International Ltd.
This is now being taken forward in terms of future implementation, helping deliver some real change on the ground - improved land use, better public facilities and amenities, enhanced co-ordination and delivery - that the writer seeks.
The policy include the following salient features; lining of irrigation channels, improved land levelling and land grading techniques, improved furrow irrigation techniques, reuse and recycling of municipal and industrial waste water effluent after appropriate treatment at sources, introduction of sprinkler and drip irrigation, research and adoption of technology to upgrade the agricultural drainage effluent for sustainable reuse in agriculture, horticultural drainage effluent for sustainable reuse in agriculture, horticulture and forestry sector, adoption of rainwater harvesting techniques, improved crop water requirement management and conjunctive use of surface and groundwater.
The specific land management options I'm interested in delivering include hedgerow management, planting in-field native trees on improved land, restoring a traditional orchard and managing my hay meadows.
Last year volunteers across Britain improved land equivalent to the size of 80 football pitches and planted 50,000 shrubs, seeds and trees.
Last year, volunteers improved land equivalent to the size of 80 football pitches, and planted 45,000 shrubs, seeds and plants.

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