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Any changes made in a project which increases its value, such as the addition to a building or a home. An improvement may also be made by drainage, removing unsightly objects or growths; any act which serves to add utility, beauty, or otherwise increases the value of the property.
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A structure or public utility or any other installation or physical change made in a property to increase its value and utility or to improve its appearance.
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Like qualified leasehold improvement property, qualified improvement property does not include any improvement attributable to the enlargement of the building, any elevator or escalator, or the building's internal structural framework.
Step 2: Determine if the real property improvement assets are eligible for bonus depreciation as qualified improvement property.
* Achievement of recognizable improvements that make a difference and provide economic improvement to the company.
Qualified leasehold improvement property does not include any improvement related to the expansion of the building, to any elevator or escalator, to any structural component benefiting a common area, or to the internal structural framework of the building.
Each lesson begins in a similar fashion to allow students the chance to share successes and strategies for improvement:
In addition to being a consolidation of multiple models, the CMMI represents the incorporation of many improvements and lessons learned from earlier model use.
These indicators can help an institution prioritize areas that need improvement and are critical to assessing whether system changes are having the desired beneficial effects.
Basically, small project teams analyze business processes and improvements and then execute those improvements.
"They were talking about Oakwood being one of six Washington schools coming off the Needs Improvement list, while 100 more schools were going on it," remembers principal John Mitchell.
An overview of the primary Lean Principles--Point-of-use Manufacturing, Pull Systems, One-piece/continuous Flow, TAKT Time, Visual Factory, Total Elimination of Waste, and Continuous Improvement. Brief coverage of key manufacturing concepts that use Lean principles, such as cellular manufacturing, etc.

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